Team 6325 – Reset Robotics Talks to Us About how Their Branding Elevated them as a Rookie Team, as well as their Augmented Reality Driver Station

Reset Robotics thoroughly impressed us as a rookie team with their rapid rise from an unknown entity to a well known brand around the country. Reset is a “pseudo-rookie” team, as they are comprised of a core of students that migrated from an existing team where they were dissatisfied with the adult leadership. However, their previous FRC experience doesn’t detract from their achievement this year, both from a competition standpoint, and from a branding and sponsorship standpoint.

Their driver station featured some really innovative technology with a tethered Meta 1 AR headset providing the driver a heads-up-display with stats like battery voltage, time remaining in the match, number of gears collected, as well as a targeting reticle that displays the robot’s alignment to the lift with vision tracking. Their vision tracking is powered by a Nvidia Jetson TX1 used as onboard coprocessor.

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