Team 971 – Talks about their Paintball Inspired Feeder & Shooter ‘Serializer’, and their effective Design Process

Team 971 has astounded us once again with their complex — yet simple robot design. This year’s robot features a dye rotor (think paintball) like feeder mechanism, which they call a ‘Serializer’, along with a turret that uses a custom machined delrin epicycloid ring gear. We follow 971’s design process and the evolution of the ‘Serializer’, along with going in depth into the electronics, sensors and positive control involved inside their robot. Finally, we discussed how their feeder and intake system were both driven from the same motor using a system of one way bearings.

After our interview about the mechanics and the design, we spoke with Adam, one of 971’s programmers, about how they integrate relative and absolute encoders with potentiometers in order to determine position with incredible accuracy.

Taken during the build phase of the 2017 First Robotics Competition at Mountain View Hight School in Mountain View California USA. Students work with mentors and alumni of the Spartan team to prototype, design and produce elements of the competition robots for the 2017 competition season.

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